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Our range of Neurolign products supported by the Neurolign Dx 100TM Precision Platform is there to support diagnosis and treatment decisions for a range of neurological disorders, including objective baseline evaluation for athletes, and high-risk patients such as seniors at risk of falls, or new patients who may or may not have pre-existing neurological conditions, but seek to better understand their risk and overall brain health. 

Neurolign’s market-leading eye-tracker, the Dx 100 was born out of over 30 years of research and clinical science. The Dx 100 supports researchers as well as clinical specialists such as Neurologists, Physical Therapists, ENTs, Neurochiropractors and Audiologists as well as primary and urgent care workers charged with diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients.

Our Brain Health Assessment includes a comprehensive menu of oculomotor, cognitive, vestibular and reaction time tests, including tests not offered in other integrated systems such as vergence and reaction time. This includes a diversity of data-rich variables and analytics. Our platform allows you to compare individual results over time as well as benchmark against FDA cleared normative data.

Access software quickly and easily on a variety of platforms, providing all clinician types with access to the critical, objective and repeatable, clinical data they need to help their patients.

Objective data for informed decisions and insurance support. Including FDA cleared reference range data for normative comparisons as well as tracking individual data over time.


Research has shown that abnormal eye movements are correlated with over 200 diseases and medical conditions.

The precision, reliability and sensitivity obtained when testing with Neurolign’s products supports your ability to diagnose, treat and monitor a condition over time, allowing you to focus on accelerating treatment.

Neurolign is constantly developing new tests, discovering new variables, and helping researchers profiling new clinical indications, independently, in collaboration with major universities, and government research laboratories. 

Please contact us at with your research interests, particularly in the following fields:

  • Vestibular/Neurontolgy: Dizziness, Vertigo
  • Concussion
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Neurological Disorders: Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease

Neurolign is facilitating the technology that gets clinicians the results they need when they need them - Individual tests in 60 seconds and a full assessment in 15 minutes.

To learn more about our commitment to research and science, view our Scientific Advisory board.