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Image of NeurolignFit device and mobile app
Image of NeurolignFit device and mobile app

Discover your brain health

NeurolignFit™ is the world's first brain performance tracker.

How well do you know your brain?

Mental sharpness, focus, and movement are indications of how your brain works. NeurolignFit™ uses eye tracking to measure them.

Our leading scientists consider your brain so important we have applied over 30 years of cutting-edge neurological research to help you measure and track your brain activity. With our science-backed brain health training program, NeurolignFit uses first-of-its-kind eye-tracking technology to learn what drives your mental performance–and to help you improve it.

Not only does NeurolignFit help you understand and exercise your brain, it also works to improve your mental acuity and keep your mind sharp. It’s smart, intuitive, and simple to use. Your brain will thank you.

Brain health powered by an app

The NeurolignFit device + companion app have been designed to customize your brain-training experience and give it a true workout.

Image of two phones displaying NeurolignFit mobile app capabilities

Want a quick brain health check-in? Take our quiz

Learn which aspects of your brain health could use a pick-me-up with NeurolignFit.

The science behind Neurolign

Our clinical-grade eye-tracking technology wasn’t born overnight. We’ve spent the last 30 years working with the world’s leading neurologists, researchers, clinicians, and elite athletes to bring improved mental performance to the people solving the biggest problems in places like the Mayo Clinic and others.

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