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How to use the NeurolignFit Device

  • 2 min read
  • Remove your NeurolignFit device from the box

  • Charge the device with the provided USB cable

  • While the device is charging, scan the QR code in the Quick Start Guide, download the NeurolignFit app, and create an account.

  • Before attaching the device to your phone, make sure your phone is set to ‘do not disturb’ and your volume is turned up

  • Remove your phone case for the duration of the test. This will a) ensure your strap completely attaches your phone to the device and b) will prevent anything from blocking the camera

  • If you wear glasses, remove them for the duration of the test. There is no problem if the target is blurry, this will not impact your scores.

  • Remove the circular cap from the the top of the device; this will make the viewport of the device visible.

  • Turn on the power button

  • Align the phone’s front facing camera with the red filter

  • Use the provided strap to attach your phone to the device

  • Use the same eye consistently to perform the tests

  • If you want to switch the eye you’re using, remove the device from your eye, remove the the eye cup, turn it 180 degrees, and place it back on to the other eye. The longer section of the eye piece must be on the outer side of your eye.



  • Look into the viewport to start performing the tests.

  • You can place your elbow on your chest or on a table for support

  • While you’re performing the tests, cover your other eye (the one not being tested) with your free hand

  • Hold your phone in a way that your thumb is free so you can tap or swipe bottom of screen while tests are running