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What is Assessment?

  • 1 min read

After you Sign up or Log in to NeurolignFit, you will be asked to complete an Assessment. For each of the three sections; 'Sharp', 'Focus' and Move', you will be assessed on various capabilities.

Note: Attach the NeurolignFit™ device to your phone and complete your assessment. Once you are done, you will be able to view your scores.

What is Assessment?

The goal of an Assessment is to track your improvement in brain performance over time. Between each Assessment, you will be able to complete training sessions which will help you improve your Assessment scores. Each Assessment consists of 6 tests divided into ‘Sharp’, ‘Focus,’ and ‘Move’ sections.

  1. Sharp – Works on your mental performance and accuracy.
  2. Focus – Works on your ability to stay on tasks longer and filter out distractions.
  3. Move – Works on your reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Scroll down on the Assessment tab to view a summary of your weekly sessions. You may view the number of tests you completed within an Assessment and your scores. You can filter according to Assessments per month and per the last 6 months.

To view your Assessment summary and understand what your scores mean in each of the tests, click the test on your application to see what the description is and how the results affect you.