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What is Eye Tracking and why should I do it?

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Eye tracking, the measurement of the movement of the eyes, has been proven by research to show how well the brain is functioning.

At Neurolign™, we have leveraged our patented eye-tracking technology to partner with the medical community for over 30 years and want to bring these capabilities into the homes of everyday consumers to take their brain performance to the next level. NeurolignFit™ is the first consumer product that uses professional grade eye-tracking technology to scientifically evaluate and support an individual’s brain health journey.

The NeurolignFit™ device contains 10 LED lights and uses auto-lock eye-tracking technology to objectively measure your eye’s movements as you run through a collection of 6 science-based tests through the mobile app. Based on these eye-tracking measurements, we will then create a custom training program to support you on your brain health journey.

Brain health is something that everyone should prioritize, alongside their other general wellness practices. Eye-tracking takes the guess work out of brain health to make your progress something that is truly measurable.