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Consumer device launched to monitor mental acuity

Neurolign, a specialist in clinical eye tracking and neuro-functional diagnostic testing, has launched NeurolignFit – a consumer health and wellness device that uses professional eye-tracking technology to allow users to track, understand, and improve their overall mental acuity from home. 

Neurolign stands at the forefront of brain health technology, and the release of NeurolignFit is a landmark in the company’s mission to bring neurological training into the home and make brain health a key part of everyday wellness practices.

Eugene Melnyk, chairman and CEO of Neurolign, said: “The brain, just like any other part of the human body, needs to be exercised and cared for, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic reinvigorating public dialogue around wellness, a product like NeurolignFit has never been more prescient. Until now, the research-backed benefits of eye-based neuro-functional evaluation have been out of reach for the public. By putting the power of this technology into an intuitive, gamified consumer device, Neurolign is hoping to change the way people think about and improve their brain health and wellness.”

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