Our Technology

Neurolign Dx Platform

The Neurolign Dx Platform is a single connected system offering seamless integration, whether you operate one or all of our products. From the Neurolign Dx 100™ to the Neurolign Dx NOTC – you can do it all, with a single software platform.

Comprised of two systems that work in tandem:

1) VEST™ operates testing, analysis and reporting of results, and;

2) I-Portal® collects all eye-tracking data which is transferred into VEST for storing, viewing and analysis

VEST™ Software

  • FDA cleared normative data for reference range comparisons
  • Ability to compare individual performance over time with repeat assessments
  • Baseline Health Assessment, including full battery of oculomotor, vestibular, reaction time and cognitive tests
  • Clinical expert and research access to create custom assessments (Custom Assessment)
  • Real time binocular eye-tracking data and immediate analysis for efficient data assessment and interpretation
  • Updated Brain Health Assessment report to support ease of use and interpretation
  • Ability to print out detailed data within analysis mode

I-Portal® Software

I-Portal® software captures processes and analyzes high speed digital images of the eye, calculating horizontal, vertical, torsional, and pupil data. I-Portal works with binocular goggles to track each eye separately. This allows for conjugacy measurements and identifies any differences in the performance of each eye.

  • Eye-tracking and stimulus are synchronized in real time
  • Neurolign’s proprietary geometric algorithms reliably track the pupil with an unmatched 0.1 to 0.02 degree of accuracy
  • Only Neurolign captures images at 99.996 Hz (Variability at only 0.24%)
  • Our patented technology focuses precisely on the specific eye region of interest, providing data on areas often unidentified

Neurolign Dx Devices

Neurolign offers a portfolio of devices for clinical medical professionals responsible for diagnosing and treating vestibular and neurotologic patients.

Neurolign Dx devices are engineered to measure neural functions and symptoms associated with an extensive array of diseases and conditions using a battery of OVRT (oculomotor, vestibular and reaction time) tests.

Read on to explore Neurolign devices and innovations that are changing the way medicine is practiced, or contact us for details or research interests.

Neurolign Dx 100™

The Neurolign Dx 100™ is a head mounted non-invasive goggle with integrated clinical eye tracking and digital display. FDA cleared (K171884) features include:

  • Our baseline Health Assessment containing a full battery of oculomotor, vestibular, reaction time and cognitive tests. Our tests and output variables are the most comprehensive and precise on the market today. We also offer unique tests including vergence, optokinetic and reaction time tests making us the most comprehensive neurological health assessment on the market
  • Grounded in clinical science and research, we are continuing to create new tests to launch to the broader market including light reflex
  • FDA cleared reference range data for normative comparisons
  • Ability to compare individual results over repeat assessments
  • Full field 2-D and 3-D visual stimulus for patients to track
  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical and patented pupillometry measurements
  • On-board 3 degree of freedom motion sensor
  • Separate, synchronized left and right eye stimulus and measurements
  • Neurolign Dx 100™ is effective for baseline testing, creating precise and effective treatment protocols and monitoring overall. Patients enjoy seeing their results over time for both their individual performance and compared to FDA cleared reference range data
System Components
  • Optional Falcon Goggles for vHIT, gaze, position, positioning and caloric testing
  • Binocular 4D Video Oculography with dual USB-3 cameras
  • Interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm covering 95% of US adult population
  • High speed laptop computer with I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software
  • Optional foot pedal for hands-free operation

Neurolign Dx Falcon

The Neurolign Dx Falcon helps clinicians with an enhanced eye image capture for a wider range of patient and a, lighter weight for greater patient comfort. The Falcon™ also includes optional high speed data capture (adjustable up to 250 Hz.) Benefits include:

  • Falcon VOG 100 Hz and 250Hz, with USB-3 cameras.
  • Suitable for 99% of the US population age 5 and older regardless of face size and shape (interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm)
  • Blackout cover with built in fixation light
  • Built in calibration laser for manual calibration
  • Light weight (240 grams)

Neurolign Dx NOTC

Neurolign Dx NOTC provides the most comprehensive set of tests for vestibular and neurotologic diagnosis including our comprehensive OVRT testing. The platform includes:

  • Rotational chair
  • Pursuit Tracker™ oculomotor stimuli
  • I-Portal® Falcon™ VOG binocular,
  • USB-3 VOG (video oculography)
  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupilometry measurements
  • Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration test at frequencies up to 2 Hz
  • Can run tests with patients weight up to 400 pounds
  • The only whole body head impulse test (crHIT) at 1,000 deg/sec² rotational acceleration
  • Direct drive servo motors allow for precision motion profiles with minimal vibration
  • Dual axis Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator
  • Rotation Chair profiles (up to 3 axes)
  • Falcon VOG 100 Hz and higher, with USB-3 cameras. Suitable for 99% of the US population age 5 and older regardless of face size and shape (interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm)
  • Full field OKN stimulus
  • Isolation enclosure that is light tight with patient monitoring and communication
  • Upgrade options for high speed eye-tracking and additional tests
  • Extended three-year hardware warranty for all models