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Membership Benefits

The NeurolignFit membership is designed for anyone who's ready to invest in their brain health and wants to see measurable results. That’s why we’ve coupled our patented eye-tracking technology with a personalized brain training program to give you a way to easily train your brain and measure your progress.

About the Assessment

The NeurolignFit program starts with you taking your first assessment, which will give you an initial baseline score across 3 key areas: mental sharpness, focus and movement. The assessment has 6 tests and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Afterwards, you will receive your initial baseline score and your personalized training program.

Home Assessment

Assessment Categories:

SHARP tests use eye-tracking to look into your mental sharpness and acuity. The two tests are:

-PERFORMANCE: Trains you on your precision while completing tasks.

-ACCURACY: Trains you to respond quickly and accurately to new information.

FOCUS tests use eye-tracking to support your ability to zoom in, filter out distractions, and stay on task. The two tests are:

-CONCENTRATION: Trains you to stay on-task while in a distracting environment.

-ATTENTION: Trains you to focus on what's important right now and control reflexes.

MOVE tests use eye-tracking to support your hand-eye coordination and information processing speed. The two tests are:

-HAND-EYE: Trains you on balance and hand-eye coordination:

-REACTION TIME: Trains you to process information to respond quickly

About Your Score

After completing your first assessment, you will receive an initial baseline score, or starting point, across the 3 brain health categories of mental sharpness,
focus and movement. This initial assessment, along with a few other data points, allows us to build a training plan custom for you and your needs.

You will receive scores for each category. Scores are out of a range of 200-600. When thinking about your score, don’t think of it like you would a report card at school or a scorecard vs others. Instead, think of it like the first day of you learning a new skill—like learning a foreign language—or working with a personal fitness trainer. NeurolignFit is getting to know you and wants to make sure it’s setting you up for long term success by creating a brain training plan that goes at your pace.

About Your Training Plan

Your training plan will help you work on, and strengthen, your brain health in these 3 areas: mental sharpness, focus and movement.

Your custom plan will start you off at either a Level 1, 2 or 3 for each of the 6 trainings. Most NeurolignFit community members start out at Level 1, but the speed with which they move to the next level varies.

The training plan will look similar to your assessments at first, but know that they have been modified (based on your starting level) to help your progress and will continue to adjust over time to go at your pace. Just like any other training, brain training is all about consistency and motivation. It will feel hard at times (your eyes might even get tired), but that’s normal and is a sign of you putting in the work to invest in your brain health.

To get the most out of this program, train daily--it takes less than 10 min--and take an assessment weekly to see how you’re progressing.

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Brain Health Resources

In addition to the assessments, the Brain Health Resources give you access to stimulating articles on brain health, product resources to maximize your program experience, and technical user guides.

We're adding more things every day. Here are some features coming soon:

-Additional Assessments: Go beyond the core brain health assessment to evaluate even more elements of your brain health.

-Expanded Training Exercises: We’re constantly adding more variety to your training program to keep you engaged and motivated. All trainings are science-backed and custom to your personalized plan.

-Data Data Data: Add lifestyle information to see how your sleep, fitness, nutrition, stress and other lifestyle details impact your brain health scores (its all connected).

-And More!

NeurolignFit is not a medical device, and is not designed or intended for use in the diagnosis of a disease or other conditions, or for the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of a disease.