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Devices for Healthcare Professionals

Neurolign Dx Devices

Neurolign offers a portfolio of devices for clinical medical professionals responsible for diagnosing and treating vestibular and neurotologic patients. Neurolign Dx devices are engineered to measure neural functions and symptoms associated with an array of diseases and conditions using a battery of OVRT (oculomotor, vestibular, and reaction time) tests.

Neurolign has 3 systems to help you detect and diagnose neurological and ophthalmic disorders, including traumatic brain injury, concussion, diseases of the eye and other conditions. Read on to explore Neurolign devices and innovations that are changing the way medicine is practiced, or contact us for details or research interests.

Neurolign Dx100™

The Neurolign Dx100, formerly known as I-PAS, is a portable head-mounted noninvasive goggle with integrated clinical eye tracking and digital display. It slips on and off as easily as a virtual reality headset. No other product offers a more extensive battery of tests in such a compact, portable system.

FDA-cleared (K171884) features include:

• Baseline health assessment containing a full battery of oculomotor, vestibular, reaction time, and cognitive tests. Our tests and output variables are the most comprehensive and precise on the market today. Most tests include FDA-cleared normative data ranges.

• Antisaccades
• Predictive and Self-Paced Saccades
• Spontaneous Nystagmus
• Calibration
• Saccades Horizontal and Vertical
• Subjective Visual Vertical
• Gaze Horizontal
• Saccades and Reaction Time
• Visual and Auditory Reaction Time
• OKN Trapezoidal (H)
• Smooth Pursuit Horizontal and Vertical
• Vergence Pursuit and Steps
• Visual Reaction Time

• Unique testing, including vergence, optokinetic, and reaction time tests, making this the most comprehensive neurological health assessment on the market.

• Custom Test
• Positional
• Caloric
• OKN Sinusoidal
• Positioning
• Gaze Vertical
• OKN Trapezoidal (V,R)
• Subjective Visual Horizontal

• Full-field 2-D and 3-D visual stimuli for patients to track
• 4-D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupillometry measurements
• Onboard 3-degrees-of-freedom motion sensor
• Separate, synchronized left and right eye stimuli and measurements

Neurolign Dx100 is advantageous for baseline testing, helping you develop precise and effective treatment protocols and monitoring and giving you the ability to compare individual results over repeat assessments. Physical therapists, chiropractors, sports organizations, and athletes may find baseline testing useful in treating anticipated injuries such as concussions.

Neurolign Dx Falcon™

The Neurolign Dx Falcon helps clinicians with enhanced eye-image capture for a wider range of patients and a lighter weight for increased patient comfort. Benefits include:

• Falcon VOG 100 Hz and 250Hz, with USB-3 cameras
• 4-D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupillometry measurements
• Unparalleled eye torsion data for positioning tests
• Blackout cover with built-in fixation light
• Built-in calibration laser for manual calibration
• Integrated fixation light, making caloric fixation simple and accurate
• Triple-action foot pedal for optional hands-free operation
• Protocols and tests can be easily customized to fit your clinical needs
• Suitable for 99% of the US population aged 5 and older, regardless of face size and shape (interpupillary distance [IPD] range of 50 to 75mm)
• Light weight (240 grams)

Add versatility and increase your menu of test options by pairing the Dx100 with the Dx Falcon computer and software. You’ll have a compact, modular system that makes the most of a single VEST™ computer.

Neurolign Dx NOTC™ (Neurotologic Test Center)

Neurolign Dx NOTC provides the most comprehensive set of tests for vestibular and neurotologic diagnosis including our comprehensive OVRT testing.

The platform includes:

• Rotational chair with 385 lb-ft torque, digital, direct drive motor
• Direct drive servo motors allow for precision motion profiles with minimal vibration
• Falcon VOG System–Binocular, 100Hz to 250Hz binocular
• 4-D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupilometry measurements
• Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration test at frequencies up to 2 Hz
• Can run tests with patients weighing up to 400 pounds
• The only whole-body head impulse test (crHIT) at 1,000 deg/sec² rotational acceleration
• Dual axis Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator
• Full field OKN stimulus
• Isolation enclosure that is light-tight with patient monitoring and communication
• Upgrade options for high-speed eye-tracking and additional test

The easy-to-use VEST operating and analysis software features unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, so you can quickly create new testing protocols, streamline the testing process, and minimize setup time.

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