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How well do you know your brain?

Mental sharpness, focus, and movement are indications of how your brain works.
NeurolignFit™ uses eye tracking to measure them.

How it works

NeurolignFit captures eye movement to take your brain performance to the next level. By tracking eye movement against targets and providing training exercises, you can work to improve your overall brain performance and wellness.

Backed by decades of research, Neurolign’s eye-tracking technology offers a reliable way to measure your current mental performance. NeurolignFit assesses different functions of your eye movement to create a science-backed training program, customized for you, to help you work on your brain health over time.


Establish baseline scores with a series of clinically based exercises. Assessments are categorized into 3 key areas for growth:

Performance and Accuracy

Concentration and Attention

Reaction Time and Hand-Eye

Home Screen with Do Assessment


Build a personalized training program based on your baseline scores. This is a true workout plan! By training and strengthening your brain each day, you’ll work on your mental sharpness, your ability to focus, and your movement. And it only takes a few minutes a day.


Track your progress by week, month, or year and get awarded in the app when you boost your brain performance. Over time, you’ll be able to see how each aspect of your brain health improves.

Brain Health Resources

In addition to the assessments, the Brain Health Resources give you access to stimulating articles on brain health, product resources to maximize your program experience, and technical user guides.

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